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If you are a student looking to build your resume or project portfolio, or to meet your 40 hours of high school volunteering, we’d love to work with you!



We have opportunities for groups to volunteer on delivery nights as movers or helping out the storage crew. Reach out to us and we can discuss details!



If you'd like to help but aren't able to make it to our warehouse, there are plenty of ways that you can support HWF's operations from your own home. From social media management to fundraising to translation, we have lots of virtual volunteering opportunities. Get in touch and we can find something that works for you!

Please apply through this form and our volunteer coordinator will reach out to you shortly.



Our energetic, determined Movers get their workouts in on Wednesday nights when they volunteer for furniture pick-ups and deliveries. The team heads out to collect furniture donations from several different households around the city and load these donations into the truck; heads back to the Storage Unit on Canotek Road to drop off the donations and pick up the night’s deliveries; and then hits the road to complete the very rewarding task of delivering furniture to the night’s assigned families. If you are physically strong, have lots of energy, like working in a team, and like working outdoors, then this position is for you!

Time Commitment: Pick-ups and deliveries are always on Wednesday nights. Pick-ups start around 6PM, the truck is at Storage to do drop-offs around 8:30, and deliveries start around 9PM. NOTE: If you are only able to make it for part of the evening, we can likely accommodate this – contact us to discuss! We like our movers to come out with us at least once per month.


Storage Crew

Our organized, quick-acting and fun Storage Crew do all the behind-the-scenes work on Wednesday nights to get the deliveries ready for the families. The team meets at the Storage Unit on Canotek Road on Wednesday nights and reads the reports detailing the needs of the families for that night. They then set out to pick out all the required furniture for the delivery from HWF’s stock of furniture and household items in storage. When the truck arrives with the pick-ups for the night, the storage crew help unload and store the new donations, and then help load the truck with the furniture that they picked out for the families for that night’s delivery. If you are organized, work well under pressure, like working in a team, and are a good problem-solver, then this is the position for you!

Time Commitment: Pick-ups and deliveries are always on Wednesday nights. Storage crew meets at 7PM to start picking out the furniture for deliveries, and stays until that furniture is taken away in the truck. We like our storage crew to come out with us at least once per month.



Our friendly, approachable and solutions-oriented Visitors visit all of our families prior to delivery to assess the needs of the family. Before the scheduled delivery, Visitors will go in pairs to meet in the family’s residence to see what the exact needs are for furniture and household items, and also to report on specific details on the delivery location (for instance, if there is an elevator or if our delivery team will be going up 3 flights of stairs (hopefully not!!)). If you are outgoing, empathetic, like meeting new people, and are a strong communicator, then this position is for you!

Time Commitment: Visitors typically go out once every 5-6 weeks and visits 2 families. The estimated time commitment for an assigned week of visits, including phone calls, visits, and preparation of the Visitor Report, is 5-6 hours. Visitors have the freedom to build their own schedule and can schedule these visits at times that are suitable for them.

IMG_2511 (1).jpeg

....Follow-Up Team..Équipe de suivi....

....The follow-up team visits with families within a week after furniture and household items have been delivered to them. Volunteers working in pairs assemble furniture (mostly beds, cribs and tables), occasionally do some repairs, move furniture around, hang curtains, mirrors and artwork. This can prove challenging at times, as used furniture does not come with instructions.

This is for resourceful people who are sensitive to cultural differences and the needs of vulnerable people. Our team helps to make the space a real home, taking into account functionality, as well as the needs and tastes of the families. Members of the follow-up team get to see the end result of a long chain of actions by HWF volunteers, and the impact on the families that we serve.

Time commitment: very flexible, depending on volunteers' availability. The team leader sends a request - usually on Fridays - and volunteers respond depending on their availability. Visits typically last one to two hours. Fluency in French is very useful. Experience in using hand tools is a plus. ..

Notre équipe aide à transformer une maison ou un appartement en véritable chez-soi, en tenant compte de l’utilisation pratique des meubles, des besoins et des goûts des familles que nous desservons. Les bénévoles de notre équipe de suivi se rendent chez les familles qui ont reçu des meubles et d’autres articles de maison dans les jours qui suivent la livraison. Nous travaillons par groupes de deux et notre rôle est surtout d’assembler des lits et des tables, parfois d’effectuer de petites réparations, de déplacer des meubles, d’accrocher des rideaux, des miroirs ou des cadres. Ces tâches peuvent représenter un défi car il manque parfois de vis et de boulons et les meubles usagés que nous distribuons ne viennent pas avec un manuel d’instructions. Il s’agit toutefois d’une activité gratifiante parce que nous sommes témoins de l’impact final de Helping with Furniture sur les familles que nous desservons.

Pour cette fonction, nous cherchons des personnes débrouillardes, sensibles aux différences culturelles et aux besoins de personnes vulnérables.Le temps de disponibilité requis est flexible. La coordonnatrice de l’équipe envoie une demande, habituellement le jeudi ou le vendredi de chaque semaine, et vous y répondez ou non, selon votre emploi du temps. Chaque visite dure entre une et deux heures, parfois plus. La maîtrise du français est recherchée, ainsi que de l’expérience dans l’utilisation d’outils. ....



Our hard-working, organized, and independent Bundlers put together all of the household items that are delivered to our families on Wednesdaynights. In addition to furniture, HWF also delivers smaller items like sheets, blankets, shower curtains, towels, cups, cutlery, kitchenware, small appliances and toys. Bundlers come to the storage unit on Canotek Road ahead of the Wednesday night delivery to sort through new donations of these types of items, and package bundles of these items for Wednesday night’s delivery. If you like working more independently, are very organized, and are detail-oriented, then this position is for you!

Time Commitment: Bundlers can access the Storage Unit at their leisure to complete bundling tasks before Wednesday night’s delivery. Bundling shifts typically last between 1-3 hours in length, and we ask Bundlers to come in once per week.



Helping with Furniture is looking for a DRIVER to help with our Wednesday night deliveries and pick-ups. The selected volunteer will be driving one of Penske’s 22 or 26 foot moving trucks (please see full descriptions of Penske’s trucks at, therefore we are looking for someone with experience driving large vehicles (trucks, busses, etc.). Due to the locations of some of our deliveries, this volunteer also must be comfortable driving on narrow streets and frequently backing up and turning around. The driver is such an important volunteer position, because it is through using the truck that we are able to pick up key furniture donations and deliver full households to our recipient families. If you have the driving experience, a clean driving record, the passion to help out an important cause, and enjoy working on a fun team, then this positon is for you!

NOTE: We will ensure that our volunteer driver will receive training on driving the truck prior to independently volunteering.

Time Commitment: Pick-ups and deliveries are always on Wednesday nights. Pick-ups start around 6PM, the truck is at Storage to do drop-offs around 8:30, and deliveries start around 9PM. We like our driver to come out with us at least once per month.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering with Helping with Furniture is not limited to the roles listed above! We’re always looking for new volunteers to join HWF, and we would love to have your experience, expertise, passion and commitment on our team. We’re particularly looking for volunteers with the following areas of expertise:

  • Fundraising and sponsorship
  • Event planning
  • Risk management and safety
  • Volunteer management
  • Translation
  • Social media management
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Bicycle repair and maintenance